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Preparing a presentation

The what, why and where of giving a presentation.

Preparing your presentation is straightforward if you've planned your talk well and have a logical well-developed outline and structure. Nowadays, PowerPoint dominates presentations. Remember it is only a small element of your presentation. The following tips should help you in your preparation

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Prepare 3 documents for your presentation: 

  • Your notes which no else sees 
  • Handouts with more detailed information & references 
  • Visual aids (usually PowerPoint) that support your talk and help engage the audience. 

Visual Aids

  • Make sure visual aids are clear, simple and uncluttered.
  • If using slides, limit the text using as large a font as possible (30+).
  • You can also use flipcharts, videos, displays, etc.
  • Have back ups!

Useful resources

For a great range learning resources in a variety of formats, Click here to enrol the SLD Blackboard module.