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Learning to Learn Online in Trinity

Welcome to ‘Learning to Learn Online in Trinity'.

This online module is designed to support undergraduate and postgraduate students to manage their learning and assessment in an online environment. The objective of the module is to provide relevant resources and support that students may need to adapt to in a hybrid learning environment.

Module Structure

A course map and glossary of terms is included at the beginning of the module, to help navigate through the content of the four blocks.

The four blocks are structured as:

  • • Getting started for learning online
  • • Working together online
  • • Becoming an Effective Online Learner
  • • Thinking about Assessments when Learning Online
  • This module is designed for 'self-study' and module topics, toolkits and resources within it are available for students to use at any time. Each block is about an hour long and will introduce the student to different ways in which they will be learning, communicating, studying and preparing for assessments over the coming months.

    Module Learning Outcomes

    On success completion of the module, students will be able to:
    • Identify a number of strategies and techniques to help you prepare for, and make the transition to, hybrid/online learning.
    • Evaluate and apply strategies for communicating effectively and connecting with your peers online.
    • Develop effective ways of working and studying in a hybrid learning environment.

    How to register for the online module

    Students can self-enrol for this module as follows:

  • Go to Blackboard at
  • Log in using your College network username and password
  • In the Module Search box, enter – Learning to Learn Online in Trinity or by Module ID VP10022
  • Click on the module
  • Click on + Enrol at the bottom of the module menu on the left of the screen
  • Click OK. You may need to log out and back into Blackboard if you cannot see all the content in the module after self-enrolling

    Additional Support

    Following completion of the module, students are invited to register for upcoming workshops delivered by Student Learning Development. These workshops will be advertised at

    This module is a collaborative project between Academic Practice, Student Learning Development (SLD), the Disability Office, the Transition to Trinity Officer and the IUA Enhancing Digital Capacity Project.